7 tricks to keep your new home cool without facing a Texas-sized bill

Person’s arm pulling window open to allow a Hutto, Texas, home to cool down.

Summer is in full swing here in Central Texas, and you know the drill—it’s going to get hot. We have a few ideas for how you can beat the heat without spending all your hard-earned money on energy bills. Here’s how to stay cool on the cheap in your Hutto, Texas, home.

  1. Give your AC a checkup. Having your air conditioner or central HVAC system cleaned and serviced by a professional at least once a year is essential to its health and efficiency. Spring is the best time to do this (before the cooling season gets in full swing), but it’s never too late.
  2. Use fans. Fans may seem old-fashioned, but they are still one of the most effective ways to keep cool—especially ceiling fans, which help circulate air throughout a room. Running a ceiling fan can allow you to set your thermostat a few degrees higher without feeling the difference.
  3. Adjust your thermostat. Speaking of thermostats, they’re your most powerful tool to save on your summer energy bill. Use your programmable thermostat to set a schedule that keeps your house coolest during the hours you’re home and wastes less energy when you’re at work or asleep.
  4. Change your AC filter. A dirty filter puts a real strain on your air conditioner, forcing it to work extra hard and eat up power. Make your AC more efficient and extend its lifespan by changing the filter routinely, especially in the summer when you use it the most. In the average home, filters should be changed every 60 to 90 days.
  5. Let in fresh air at night. Opening a window to let in a cooling breeze can be extremely effective if you time it right. Keep your windows shut during the heat of the day to let your air conditioner do its job more efficiently, then open them up at night. In the morning, shut them again to seal in the cool air from the night before.
  6. Keep an eye on cooking. Your stovetop—especially your oven—introduces a lot of heat into your house, so think twice about cooking and baking on a hot day. Why not prepare more meals outside, instead? After all, summer is prime time for outdoor grilling and picnicking.
  7. Have it made in the shade. You know how good it feels to sit under a shady tree on a sunny day? Well, apply that principle to your house. Windows tend to create a greenhouse effect, especially if you have big glass doors or south-facing windows, which means you can block a lot of the sun’s energy by drawing the blinds and shutting the shades. This really does a lot to ease the burden on your air conditioning!

Start testing out these ideas to keep your Hutto, Texas, home nice and cool this summer! For more home maintenance tips, explore the energy-efficient features you can find in a Hutto, Texas, home.


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The summer search for a fall find: How to take advantage of the autumn buying season

Magnifying glass on top of a green paper home laying on a wooden background.

Although spring and summer come with homebuying benefits, fall is the best time to buy a home. During autumn, buyers can take advantage of a less crowded market—and they often end up paying less than their spring-buying counterparts as a result.

With this in mind, there are a lot of benefits to starting the process early. If you’re thinking about buying a house this fall, here’s what you need to know about getting the ball rolling in the summer.

Autumn advantages when you buy

Generally speaking, the best time to buy a house is whenever you’re ready. That said, each season has its pros and cons. If you’re thinking about becoming a homeowner in the fall, you have some great advantages to look forward to:

  • Sellers are motivated. Fall isn’t often seen as the ideal time to sell a home, which means people who list a house in the fall are probably in a hurry to sell—for instance, because they have a new job or house waiting elsewhere. Whatever their motivation, you’re in a good position to make a deal.
  • There are fewer buyers. Because fall is viewed as the off-season, there will be fewer buyers out there trying to top your bid.
  • Home prices may be lower. On average, fall homebuyers pay less than buyers who seal the deal in spring or summer. In some cases, this is because the houses on the market are inventory homes that didn’t sell earlier. In others, it’s simply because fall is perceived as a season during which sellers need to tempt buyers with lower prices. Either way, buyers tend to come out ahead.
  • The focus is on you. The slowdown that typically happens in the housing market when fall rolls around means you’ll get a lot more attention from your real estate agent, not to mention your homebuilder or seller.

Summer steps to take now

Now you’re primed to buy a house in the fall, remember that the best way to succeed is to start early. Use the summer months to take these first steps toward homeownership:

  • Start your research early. Browse websites’, newspapers’ and magazines’ real estate listings to get an idea of what you’re looking for and where to find it. Compare prices, neighborhoods and amenities, then start working on a list of your must-have home features.
  • Assess your finances. Before moving forward with buying, check your overall financial health. Make sure you have a sizable nest egg tucked away (the general rule is enough to live on for six months), are relatively debt free and have good credit. Your credit score will have a big impact on your ability to secure a mortgage, so take the time to clean up your credit report if necessary.
  • Determine your budget. Be honest with yourself about what you can afford. Most experts recommend keeping your mortgage, taxes and insurance at no more than 25 percent to 30 percent of your income.
  • Get pre-approved. Securing pre-approval for a home loan not only lets potential buyers know you’re serious but gives you a better idea of exactly how much you can afford.

When you’ve decided it’s the best time to buy a home for you and your family, contact us! We’ll help you learn more about using the summer months to get a jump on the fall homebuying season.


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What to look forward to when transplanting your roots to suburbia

Vector drawing of suburban area with various homes and buildings.

If the thought of moving to the suburbs makes you feel sad to leave the city, don’t worry—you’ll soon be head over heels for suburbia. Suburban life offers a wealth of benefits, including the fact that you don’t have to leave city life entirely behind. Here’s what you can look forward to as you plan your new life in the suburbs:

Room to spread out

Suburban homes simply offer more space than the typical cramped apartment in the city center, giving you room to spread out and feel at home. The extra square footage is especially beneficial for growing families, but anyone can appreciate having more living space to call their own.

More bang for your buck

Although suburban homes are usually bigger than their urban counterparts, they often come with a lower price tag. The upshot is more square footage per dollar, with an enhanced opportunity to get the most home for your money.

Better school systems

It’s no secret that inner-city schools tend to be overcrowded and short-staffed. In contrast, suburban schools typically offer smaller class sizes, more teachers, superior academic performance and a wider array of after-school programs. Did you know some of the top-rated schools in Texas are located in the suburban communities surrounding Austin?

A still-short commute

While living in the suburbs requires a longer commute, many residents are surprised to learn that the city is pretty close. It usually takes less than 30 minutes to get to the heart of Downtown Austin, so whether you’re traveling back and forth for work or want to continue taking advantage of the city’s vibrant nightlife, quality restaurants and famous music venues, rest assured that you still can.

A wide selection of amenities

In this day and age, it’s not necessary to head into the city to enjoy the things you might associate with urban living. Amenities like shopping, dining and attractions are rapidly expanding into suburban areas, making the burbs feel less like they’re in the middle of nowhere and more like small cities—complete with fewer crowds and lower price tags.

Ample green space

When you’ve lived in the city for a while, it’s easy to forget how great it feels to be surrounded by green. From quiet, tree-lined streets to an abundance of parks and trails, the greenery of the suburbs offers a breath of fresh air.

Improved safety

Crime rates are almost universally lower in suburbs than in cities, a fact that offers particular peace of mind for families with children. If you long to be able to walk home at any hour or let your kids ride their bikes outside, the suburbs might be the place for you.

More privacy

An abundance of space and lower population density translates to more room between homes and a greater sense of privacy. Indeed, the wide-open space of suburban housing communities feels much more secluded than the tightly packed condos and apartment complexes of the city.

Whether you’re starting a family or simply looking for more space while still keeping the city close, moving from city to suburbs is a transition we want to help you with. Contact us today to learn more about how our community in Hutto offers the best of both worlds.

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The perfect homes for a last-minute relocation decision

Close-up of staircase leading up to porch of front of inventory home.

If you’re looking for a new home but don’t want to wait months to have one built—or, even worse, be forced to settle for a fixer-upper—you’re in luck. Here at Clark Wilson Builder, we offer move-in ready homes that can be yours much sooner than you may think. Also known as inventory homes or quick-delivery homes, move-in-ready houses are the perfect solution for anyone who’s in a hurry to get settled.

Ready when you need them

Quick-delivery homes have already been constructed or are in the process of being built, which means you get to move in significantly sooner than you would if you were starting from scratch. Depending on when construction began, a particular home may be move-in ready within a few months, a few weeks or even today (these houses are available right now). Inventory homes offer a wide range of amenities that have already been calculated into the purchase price, including modern bathrooms and kitchens with all the latest appliances.

Simple and stress-free

Buying a new house can be stressful, but the entire process is easier with a quick-delivery home. You don’t have to wait around for construction to be finished, you don’t have endless decisions to make and you certainly don’t have to worry about the headaches associated with an older home. With a quick-delivery home, you know exactly what you are buying, with no questions or uncertainty. Plus, when you choose one of our inventory homes, you won’t have to worry about zoning laws, escalating construction costs or other obstacles you might associate with building from the ground up.

Homes waiting for you now

Check out our Quick Move-Ins page to find out about currently available quick-delivery homes, or schedule an appointment to visit our Star Ranch community and view these homes in person. After all, there’s nothing like seeing a place for yourself to put your mind at ease. And did you know that although you didn’t design our selection of inventory homes from scratch, you can still choose from a variety of floor plans for families of every size? As our inventory homes tend to go quickly, there’s no need to despair if we don’t have what you’re looking for the first time around. Be sure to check in again soon, and you might just find the house of your dreams!

Ready to learn more about the benefits of an inventory home? Contact us at Clark Wilson Builder today. We make it our mission to help you find your dream home in the greater Austin area.


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Settling in at Star Ranch: 5 things to look forward to as a new homeowner

A landscaped pond separates a Hill Country clubhouse from the golf course at Star Ranch.

Located in the Austin metropolitan area, Hutto is known as one of the region’s best suburbs, as well as one of the best places in Texas to raise a family. It’s also one of the fastest-growing cities in America, and it’s not hard to see why. Our Star Ranch homes are in the heart of Hutto, and there are plenty of reasons to be excited about your new home!

1. An easy commute

Downtown Austin is only 30 minutes from Star Ranch. Whether you’re a working professional making the daily commute or just want to be able to enjoy the city’s famous nightlife, you’re never far from where the action is.

A gorgeous Star Ranch kitchen with dark brown cabinetry, tiled backsplash, and granite countertops.

2. Awesome amenities

We offer several different floor plans that come with a wide range of amenities. We take pride in building homes for families of every size, so no two homes are exactly alike, but every house at Star Ranch comes with exciting features that include:

  • Granite kitchen countertops with waterfall edge
  • Oval garden tub and separate shower in the master bath
  • 9- to 10-foot ceilings for spacious living
  • Foyer with expansive archways
  • Window seats in the master bedroom and dining room

3. Shopping and dining

Hutto has all the perks of small-town living and family-friendly suburbia while still offering the advantages of a much bigger city. These include shopping and dining options, of which there are many. From unique small businesses and one-of-a-kind eateries to major chains and outlets, everything you need is right at your fingertips. The local HEB grocery store carries fresh and local foods, while nearby restaurants offer a range of cuisines, from classic Texas barbecue to Mexican, Italian and Asian dishes.

4. Great schools

Star Ranch is located within the growing Hutto Independent School District, which includes several schools that have been recognized for excellence. Residents in our community can attend Howard Norman Elementary School, Farley Middle School and Hutto High School, among others.

A well overlooks the pristine golf course at Star Ranch as the sun sets.

5. Parks and recreation

One of the great things about Hutto is that despite being just a few minutes from one of the biggest cities in Texas, it’s incredibly easy to get out and enjoy the outdoors. An abundance of nearby parks and trails—including Hutto Lake Park and the Brushy Creek Trail—make Hutto a great place to live if you enjoy hiking, jogging, cycling or fishing. You’ll also love taking the family to the nearby Typhoon Texas Waterpark. Within Star Ranch you can also enjoy the following recreational amenities:

  • An environment your dog(s) will love
  • The Golf Club at Star Ranch with its Roy-Bechtol-designed championship course
  • A gorgeous pool surrounded by Texas Hill Country
  • A neighborhood clubhouse for family and neighbors to enjoy
  • A community playscape perfect for entertaining your kids

Offering the luxury of Texas Hill Country living just a short drive from Austin, our Star Ranch homes have a prime location and top-notch amenities in one of the best up-and-coming cities in Texas. Contact us today to learn more about life at Star Ranch!

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5 times Clark Wilson Builder was recognized for excellence

It’s not just home buyers who recognize the excellence of a Clark Wilson Builder home—the local community of industry professionals does as well. From receiving home builder awards for design to being honored for conservation efforts, Clark Wilson Builder has been collecting accolades for decades. Here are just a few examples of when Clark Wilson Builder was recognized for excellence.

Image of golden bronze trophy with a blurred out background to represent home builder awards.

Best New Home Award from Parade of Homes

You always remember your first—and Clark Wilson won his first home builder award the same year he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a builder. The Best New Home Award from Parade of Homes kick-started his long career of building and designing quality homes for residents of Austin and the surrounding areas.

Clean Builder of the Year from Keep Austin Beautiful

Being an environmentally friendly builder is an impressive distinction around these parts, and Clark Wilson Builder received this award from Keep Austin Beautiful in 1997 for minimizing its homes’ environmental impact. Keep Austin Beautiful aims to make Austin the cleanest, most beautiful city in the world, so an award from this organization is a badge of honor for a builder focused on green initiatives.

MAX Awards for Best Quality Product

The annual MAX Awards honor the best of Austin’s House Builders Association, with the Best Quality Product Award going to the builder that offers the most value to area homebuyers. Clark Wilson Builder received this award in not one but two price categories for providing square footage, value and luxury in its homes.

Green Building Advocate of the Year from the Texas Association of Builders

Clark Wilson isn’t just following green building guidelines, it’s paving the way for a cleaner environment. The Texas Association of Builders recognized this dedication by naming Clark Wilson the Green Building Advocate of the Year.

MAX Award for Grand Builder of the Year (twice!)

The MAX Awards’ top accolade is Grand Builder of the Year, which recognizes the best builder Austin has to offer. This award takes into consideration a variety of criteria to pinpoint the ultimate custom, production or remodel builder—and Clark Wilson has won twice! The company was honored for its dedication to building green homes that provide excellent value and design.

Clark Wilson Builder has been exceeding the expectations of home buyers and professional associations for years. From offering high-value homes at excellent prices to looking out for the environment by committing to green building practices, Clark Wilson Builder is backed by both the reputation of Clark Wilson and the numerous Austin home builder associations that have recognized the company’s exemplary work.

You should feel confident in the builder you choose for your dream home. Contact Clark Wilson Builder to learn more about its quality homes.

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Relocating to Austin? Check out these move-in-ready homes

Buying a newly completed home offers all the advantages of a brand-new home without the wait associated with building. Our completed homes for sale have the latest “must-have” features that homebuyers are demanding, including great floor plans, beautiful cabinets, master suites, fixtures, serene colors, energy-efficiency and landscaping—all the things our market research tells us new homebuyers are seeking today. Buying now also takes out the risk that interest rates will increase as the national economy continues to expand.

If you want a turnkey, move-in-ready home, we offer a variety of different floor plans in Hutto, a city hailed as one of the best suburbs of Austin and one of the fastest growing communities in Texas. These are just four of the move-in-ready homes built by Clark Wilson Builder.

Beneath a blue, cloudy sky, The Day floor plan is displayed as a move-in-ready home with a brick exterior and stairs leading up to a porch.

The Day

This three-bedroom, two-bathroom home with a fenced backyard is perfect for a growing family. The master bedroom has all the amenities of a larger home, with a walk-in closet and en-suite bathroom as well as an open-concept living area and kitchen for effortless entertaining. A fourth room with French doors can be used as a formal sitting room or a study. This cozy home is perfect for couples and small families.


A manicured lawn leads up to a move-in-ready home based off The Couples floor plan.

The Couples

If you need space, The Couples is the right choice for you. Enter this home through a gated courtyard leading into the main foyer. From there, you can head toward the spacious open-concept kitchen and living space or any of the four bedrooms. In addition to being a roomy floor plan, The Couples also features a mother-in-law suite with its own private entrance, making it ideal for multi-generational families.


A landscaped lawn leads up a move-in-ready home with a brick-and-stone exterior.

The Fowler

The Fowler was built with the home office in mind. This three-bedroom, two-bathroom home features a private study with double French doors off the entry, which makes it perfect for small business owners or remote professionals who need a private area away from the main living space. This house isn’t just for working, though. A large, extended, covered porch provides space to entertain during the cooler months, and the living room is perfect for large gatherings.


A landscaped lawn with a sidewalk bordered by black railings surround the front of a move-in-ready home.

The Mickelson

The Mickelson packs a lot of home into a compact footprint. This home boasts an expansive master suite with a walk-in closet, as well as two additional bedrooms and a private study. In short, it provides plenty of space without wasting any.

Hutto is a rapidly growing suburb that attracts young professionals and families. The low crime rate and excellent school system make it a prime location for professionals working in the Austin area, while its wide array of restaurants and events make it a destination unto itself. These Clark Wilson Builder move-in-ready homes available in Hutto provide new residents all the luxury and design of a custom-built home without the long wait. If you’re relocating to the Austin area, start your home search in Hutto with a Clark Wilson Builder home.

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3 floor plans for families wanting more than 3 bedrooms

Family togetherness is great, but sometimes everybody needs their own space. That’s why we created floor plans for families of all sizes, including those that continue to grow. If you’re on the hunt for a house with more than three bedrooms, we have a few options that might offer just what your family needs.

Exterior of a two-story home with brick and stone variations for the front façade.

The Crenshaw floor plan

This four-bedroom floor plan offers a cozy, homey feel while still giving everybody plenty of room to call their own. The Crenshaw includes a master bedroom downstairs with three more bedrooms above, measuring in at 2,532 square feet. With a modern, open-concept design, the kitchen and breakfast area is spacious and beautifully lit by several windows, opening into a large family room. Upstairs, an enormous game room offers endless possibilities. Additional features on the Crenshaw floor plan include a two-car garage, a 14-SEER cooling and heating system, and a fully sodded yard.

Stone and brick exterior of home with landscape front yard.

The Couples floor plan

With four bedrooms and three baths, the Couples floor plan packs a lot of great features into its 2,483 square feet. This one-story floor plan revolves around the central foyer, which opens to the family room, the kitchen and breakfast area, a spacious garage and a hallway leading to three bedrooms. The fourth bedroom is part of a generous master suite that includes ample closet space and a luxurious master bath. The Couples floor plan also includes a private courtyard and covered porch, arched entryways and several options for upstairs add-ons that significantly increase the square footage.

A brick exterior of a home with the Longhorn floor plan as an example of one of the best floor plans for families

The Longhorn floor plan

Cozy but never cramped, the four-bedroom Longhorn floor plan spans 2,065 square feet, with an airy, open-concept design that includes a kitchen, a dining room and a family room that merge into one central space where the whole family can get together. The kitchen includes a seated kitchen island, as well as 42-inch upper cabinets, Energy Star appliances, a stainless range and granite counter tops. The master suite includes a walk-in closet, and the three additional bedrooms give growing families plenty of room to spread out. You’ll also find a covered patio out back, and an attached two-car garage.

For families of every size, there is a floor plan that offers everything you need and nothing you don’t. Contact Clark Wilson Builder today to learn more about floor plans for families in our communities. Our team is always standing by to help you find your dream home in the greater Austin, Texas, area.


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How to host and house guests for the holidays

If you just had a moment of panic because you remembered how many people are going to be in your house this holiday season, you’re probably not alone. Hosting guests for the holidays is a time-honored tradition, and as stressful as it can be—admit it!—it’s fun too. Here’s how to host your overnight houseguests like a pro this season.

Woman in children’s room while talking on the phone about hosting guests.

Avoid failure to communicate

It’s smart to talk with your guests before they arrive, especially if they will be there overnight. Confirm when they’re arriving, how long they plan to stay and if there’s anything they’d like to do while they’re in town. It’s also a good idea to ask about any special requirements, including transportation needs and food allergies.

Communication works both ways, of course. Although your role as a host is to provide for your guests and help them have a good time, that doesn’t mean you must completely derail your life on their behalf. Let your guests know if you have work or other commitments during their stay, and inform them of any household routines that must be adhered to (children’s bedtimes, for example). Fill them in about sleeping arrangements, and let them know if they’ll need to bring anything.

Woman placing folded towels on a bed to prepare for houseguests.

Get your house ready ahead of time

When it comes to getting your house in shape before guests arrive, the amount of energy you put into cleaning and decorating depends on your personal preferences, how discerning your guests might be and what state your house is in to begin with! That said, hosting a holiday party will require some preparation regardless, and if your guests are spending the night, you’ll probably want to put a little extra effort into the following:

  • Cleaning: You don’t have to scrub and dust every hidden corner of your house, but make sure kitchens, bathrooms and entryways are clean. Get rid of as much clutter as possible, and give the whole house a good sweeping and vacuuming. If you have a spare room where houseguests will be staying, make sure it’s clean and ready.
  • Sleeping arrangements: Put fresh bedding in the guest room, and have some extra blankets and pillows handy. Make sure all guests have a place to put their things, test air mattresses in advance and vacuum the couch if anyone will be sleeping on it (that includes under the cushions).
  • Provisions: Provide for your guests as best you can, but don’t transform your home into a five-star hotel. Have food in the fridge, clean towels in the closet and toiletries available as required, and also let your guests know that they’re welcome to bring anything they need or want for their stay.
  • Hosting: Try your best to make your guests feel comfortable and welcome, but keep in mind that going too far out of your way can sometimes make guests feel like a burden. If you plan trips and activities, allow for free time as well. Invite guests to be a part of your daily routine, and if they ask to help out, let them. Everybody likes to feel useful!

Have fun this holiday season! Hosting guests can be a big job, but the less you stress out about having houseguests, the more you’ll all enjoy each other’s company. And if your guests are visiting over Christmas, check out our ideas for decorating the tree!

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The perfect time to fall in love with home ownership

Vector image of leaves falling on a home and various autumn items in between two orange colored trees.

The real estate market peaks in the spring and summer, but that doesn’t necessarily mean those are the best times to buy a house. A new house can be a great investment in any season, but if you’re wondering when to buy a home, consider autumn. There are some surprising benefits to purchasing your home during the fall months, including:

  1. Less competition

Spring and summer are traditionally thought of as the best times to buy a home, which makes competition fierce during these seasons. By the time fall rolls around, there is far less competition, so it’s easier to search for homes without feeling like you have to put in an offer on a house right away to avoid missing out.

  1. Leftover spring and summer inventory

Some homes get put on the market during the peak months of spring and summer but don’t sell right away. Once Labor Day has come and gone, sellers know there are fewer buyers out there, which means you can find some of the best deals of the year by looking at houses that have been on the market for a while.

  1. Motivated sellers

If someone puts their home up for sale in the fall, you can be sure they are serious about selling quickly. This puts you, the buyer, in a good position. When you know the seller is highly motivated to sell, you have a better chance of getting a great deal, and this makes fall one of the best times to negotiate on the asking price of a home.

  1. Year-end tax breaks

While financial incentives shouldn’t be your only motivation for buying a home, it’s nice to have a little icing on the cake. When you buy a home later in the year, you might be able to take some pretty sweet tax deductions come April, including closing costs, mortgage interest and property tax.

  1. You’re the center of attention

Real estate agents are busiest in spring and summer, so it’s harder to give every client the attention they deserve. In fall, agents have a lot less on their plates, allowing them to make your needs their top priority.

  1. Homes might not look their best

Curb appeal fades toward the end of the year as leaves fall, flowers fade and lawns turn brown. Because houses are harder to show in fall, you’ll get to see their true colors. Without the benefit of pretty spring and summer landscaping, it’s easier to see whether a home is really all that it seems. Plus, some sellers may list homes at a lower price in fall because they are self-conscious about the diminished curb appeal.

To learn more about where and when to buy a home in Austin, Texas, contact us today. Our team at Clark Wilson Builder is dedicated to helping you get a great deal on your dream home in the Austin area.


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