Best Cities to Raise a Family

Austin, Tx: Best Cities to Raise a Family

best cities to raise a familyLook on any list of the best cities to live, and you will be sure to find Texas towns among them. Parenting magazine’s list of best cities in which to raise kids is no exception. For the second consecutive year, Austin ranks as the second-best city in the United States for raising a family.

This list was based on 84 different categories. These included parks, quality of schools, affordable homes, available jobs, and crime rates. Austin ranked in second place, right behind Washington D.C., which took the top spot in part due to the sheer number of monuments, museums, and historical sites.

best cities to raise a familyIt is really no surprise that Austin came in a close second. A haven for innovators and artists, Austin is rich in jobs and overflowing with art. Google, Samsung, and Facebook all have offices here, and Dell is based here. The city is considered the Live Music Capital of the World, and hosts the annual South by Southwest festival. It is a place that encourages individuality, and nurtures creativity and progressive thinking. It is also the state capital, the political heart of Texas.

best cities to raise a familyThe landscape alone is enough to draw attention. Lush rolling hills and sparkling water make Austin beautiful, and the city’s dedication to preserving green space keeps it that way. With over 27,000 acres of parkland, there is plenty of space to play. Add to that plenty of pediatricians, a varied cuisine, and plenty of farmers markets and food co-ops, and you have a welcoming and healthy hometown.

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