First Time Buying a Home? Consider Williamson County, Texas

First Time Buying a Home

First Time Buying a Home

When it is your first time buying a home, a world of possibilities opens before you. If you are looking into Austin, Texas real estate, though, you may be discouraged by the high prices of new homes in Austin. Fortunately, the surrounding area has plenty to offer, with several small towns that are well worth a look. One such town is Georgetown, in Williamson County.

Why should you consider Georgetown for your first time buying a home?

  • For one thing, it is considered the healthiest city in the state. This finding is based on things like smoking, obesity, excessive drinking, and motor vehicle crash rates, along with high school graduation rates, premature death, and the number of low birth weight babies. The number of single parent households, the county’s violent crime rate, air quality measures, and access to healthy foods and recreation facilities also factor in. Williamson County residents are extremely physically active, perhaps due to the abundance of outdoor recreational activities. For your first time buying a home, it may be reassuring to know that the county you choose has well-educated, healthy residents, and ample access to healthcare.
  • Williamson is the second-fastest-growing county in Texas. Williamson County has grown almost 65 percent in the past decade. This is due, in part, to its abundance of recreational activities, with its scenic lakes and rolling hills. The county’s growth can also be attributed to Dell headquarters, which has provided an influx of new jobs. Housing prices are very reasonable, which makes it a smart choice if this is your first time buying a home.
  • CNN recently ranked Georgetown as the second-best place in the United States to live and launch a small business. Just twenty-six miles from Austin, Georgetown is a great place for commuters, but it is also a good town for entrepreneurs. Texas is already considered business-friendly, because there is no individual or corporate income tax, but Georgetown sweetens the deal with low rates on water and electricity, in addition to low property taxes. Next year, a convention center will open, further helping Georgetown’s business scene to prosper.

All these factors add up to a great place to choose for your first time buying a home. If you have decided on Georgetown, consider Clark Wilson Builder. With over thirty-five years of experience building new homes in Austin and the surrounding areas, Clark Wilson has a reputation for building quality homes and providing excellent customer service. Visit the website to learn more, or join the online community on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest.

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