New Homes in Austin: Real Estate Market Outlook

New Homes In Austin: Texas Real Estate Market Outlook

New Homes In Austin: Texas Real Estate Market Outlook

The economy might be mired in a downturn in some areas of the country, but the real estate market in Central Texas is thriving, with new homes in Austin in high demand.  It’s not just residential real estate; commercial real estate is booming as well, as the business climate in Austin continues to be favorable. For the eleventh consecutive month, sales of existing and new homes in Austin have continued to rise.

Austin Area Housing Market

A quick look at the housing market over the past several years shows that while the U.S. housing market seems to have been riding a roller coaster, the Texas market has remained steadier than most. Austin sales levels have dropped from their highest peak, but have never gone as low as the rest of the country, and are now about on par or slightly above the rest of Texas average. What’s more, the MLS service reported on May 21 that sales for April were up by 16 percent from last year, continuing the eleven month upward motion.

So what’s the reason for all this growth?

  • Business is booming. Visionaries in Austin made good plans for the city’s growth, and it is paying off. With companies like Dell, Whole Foods, and Cirrus Logic calling the city their home base, the economy in Austin continues to thrive, and the job market is well above average.
  • Schools are good. A recent Newsweek article ranked ten Austin area high schools among its top one thousand in the nation. Home of the University of Texas, Austin has long made education a priority.
  • Culture is a major draw. The live music capital of the world, Austin has more than its cultural attractions. From museums and ballet, to jazz clubs and music fests, there’s always something interesting to do and see in Austin.
  • There are a variety of options. Homes in the Austin area have a median price of $111,000, but you can probably find one in your price range, no matter what that price range may be. Peaking at over $2 million, the homes in the outer areas of Austin start at about $44,000. New homes in Austin are often environmentally friendly, built with sustainable materials, because eco-consciousness is important to Austin residents, whose city was recently ranked fifth most “earth friendly” in the country.

Clark Wilson Builder

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