New Homes In Austin: Easy Ways to Go Green

New-Homes-In-AustinLike many of us, you may be increasingly concerned about your carbon footprint, but you might prefer to find easy ways to go green without sacrificing your quality of life. When you’ve worked hard to achieve a certain level of comfort, it is hard to consider moving to a more Spartan way of life for any reason, even for the good of the environment. Fortunately, green does not necessarily mean lean, and there are easy ways to go green without sacrificing your lifestyle or forgoing creature comforts. Whether you are looking for new homes in Austin or maintaining the home you already have, by making some wise decisions you can easily find new homes in Austin that are eco-friendly without compromising on luxury or style.

If you’re building a home, find the right builder. From reflective roofing, to tankless water heaters, energy efficient windows, PEX plumbing, and digital, programmable thermostats, there are many easy ways to go green when building a home. Make sure your builder prioritizes environmental concerns, and you’ll end up with a home that is energy efficient enough to reduce both your carbon footprint and your utility bills.

Furniture and paint are two areas where you can find easy ways to go green. Choose paint that doesn’t contain a wealth of hazardous chemicals, and furniture that has not been treated with varnishes containing dangerous substances like formaldehyde. Ask plenty of questions before you bring any new furniture or paint into the home.

Buy organic whenever possible. This doesn’t just apply to food, but to a host of other items in the home. Whether you’re shopping for a new rug, upholstered furniture, or even bedding and towels, be sure to research and buy natural fibers that haven’t been treated with chemicals. Not only are organic fabrics a green alternative, but they can often feel soft and luxurious.

Use eco-friendly flooring. Hardwood floors and natural fiber carpets offer more easy ways to go green that will actually improve your comfort level. Wall-to-wall carpeting is often treated with hazardous chemicals, and traps dust particles and other allergens. By switching to wool carpets or wood floors, you’ll be improving the home’s air quality, as well as its eco-friendliness. For an even more environmentally friendly option, choose floors made of reclaimed wood or sustainable materials like bamboo.

Sometimes green just means green. Using potted plants is a home décor choice that also provides a natural air purifier! Plants not only brighten the living space, but species like Gerbera daisy, bamboo palm, and chrysanthemum will actually filter chemicals from the air.

Think before you buy. Consider reupholstering furniture, or buying second-hands, rather than purchasing new furniture, and you’ll save on landfill space. If you have your heart set on something new, check with the Fair Trade Federation or the National Green Pages, to find responsibly manufactured, eco-friendly pieces.

If you are looking for a community of new homes in Austin that are well constructed, eco-friendly homes, consider Clark Wilson Builder. A distinguished local builder with a reputation for excellence and attention to detail, Clark Wilson is committed to customer care, and to creating homes that are both luxurious and eco-friendly. Visit the website, where you can gather information, not just on the builder, but on a wide range of topics, from green building materials, to interior and design, to outdoor living tips, and  easy ways to go green. For a deeper connection, join the online community on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest.


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