Outdoor Living Tips: Adding Curb Appeal to Your Home

Outdoor-Living-TipsWhether you’re looking to sell your home, or you simply want to make friends with the neighbors, one of the best outdoor living tips is to focus on curb appeal. It doesn’t matter if people are approaching your home to buy it, or just to visit, what they see from the street has an impact on how they feel about the property. While much of the outdoor living for your home may take place in the back yard, improving the view from the front of the house can increase your home’s aesthetic and intrinsic value. Fortunately, adding curb appeal to your home doesn’t take a huge budget or a significant time commitment; it requires a critical eye, a dedicated focus, and some outdoor living tips.

Landscaping is the foundation of your home’s curb appeal. A clean, green lawn is just the beginning, and depending on your home’s placement and architecture, there are many things you can do to make it a thing of beauty. Consider colorful window boxes, or decorative climbing plants, to make a big impact. Keep bed lines smooth, and don’t overplant, but cluster  colors that complement each other and plants to create a garden that really stands out. Whatever you choose, remember to make it something that you can easily maintain; one of the biggest outdoor living tips is to keep it neat, because a messy yard can negatively impact curb appeal efforts.

A mailbox makeover can be easy and effective. Here’s one of those outdoor living tips that’s inexpensive, but packs a big punch. Create a well-kept and attractive bed around your mailbox, and then make the mailbox itself complement the architectural style of the home. Consider adding copper touches or decorative bed ornaments to add personality.

Freshen up the entryway, to make the home more welcoming. Little things, like using house numbers that are attractive and stand out, or painting or staining the front door to make it more appealing, can really make a difference in adding curb appeal to the home.

One of the best curb appeal tips is to choose a builder known for creating beautiful, high quality, craftsman-style homes. Clark Wilson Builder is distinguished local builder with a reputation for excellence and attention to detail, and a commitment to customer care. This commitment shows itself not only in the workmanship of a Clark Wilson home, but also on the website, where customers can gather information, not just on the builder, but on a wide range of topics, from green building materials, to interior and design, to outdoor living tips. Visit the website to learn more, or join the online community on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest.


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