The Benefits of Using Native Texas Plants

It’s no secret that Texans love their state and everything about it. Native Texas plants have more benefits than helping you stay true to your Texas Pride. Using native Texas plants for landscaping around a Texas home or business can provide a “home team advantage.”

Native Texas plants have many benefits because they are:

  • Native Texas Plants

    Native Texas Plants

    Low maintenance. Native plants have evolved in Texas environments. They tolerate local diseases, pests, and water availability with hardiness only a true-blue Texan could match. They’ll require extra watering while getting established, but once they’ve matured they won’t need extra attention unless there’s an extreme drought. Plant native species and you’ll minimize or even completely erase the need for chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

  • Good for public health. Many chemical fertilizers and pesticides are full of known cancer-causing agents. These chemicals can wash into groundwater or other public water supplies during rains (or through a sprinkler system), and wind up in other people’s water glasses.
  • Cost-effective. When you compare dollar for dollar, native landscaping can be much less expensive than using traditional landscaping choices. Native plants just need so little care. Water bills and pesticide/fertilizer costs are slim-to-none. And if you pay a lawn or garden professional to take care of your landscape, you’ll keep their paycheck to a minimum.
  • Time-saving. How valuable is your time? Even more importantly than cost, native landscaping can save you precious moments. If you care for your landscaping yourself, native Texas plants give you time to appreciate the environment you’ve built.
  • Good for water management. In Texas and throughout the West, 60 percent of all the water usage is for lawn irrigation. In the East, the number is still a substantial 30 percent. Using such massive amounts of water just for lawn maintenance kills fish, lowers the local water table, stresses the environment, and adds loads of harmful chemicals to groundwater. The more native plants we use, the lower those percentages drop.
  • Songbird-friendly. The local songbird populations are dropping steadily – 5 percent to 10 percent per year! Habitat loss is their main problem. When you landscape with native Texas plants, you may be providing desperately-needed homes for struggling bird populations. Create a real, local landscape and you’ll help preserve that gorgeous Texas wildlife for generations to come.

A native landscape is ecologically functional – it works in harmony with everything around it. Better for your bottom line and the environment, using native Texas plants for landscaping is a win-win proposition. With native plants, you’ll create a landscape that gives back, so you’ll have the time and resources to enjoy Texas’ glorious outdoors.

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    Yours is a terrific website with the right kind of message. Keep up the good work. If you are interested, there is a very active and proactive chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas here in Williamson County. Check out for more details.


    Dennis Perz, president
    Williamson County Chapter, NPSOT
    864 3828

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